Enzo Unified Simplifies Data Access of Cloud Data and Services through Standardization

Access to actionable information typically requires near or real-time access to data stored in the cloud, either hosted by cloud providers like Microsoft Azure or Amazon, or offered as public services such as Twitter or Weather data, or even hosted by third party vendors such as Customer Relationship or Accounting services.

In order to harness cloud and hosted information, companies need to invest significant time and effort in learning, coding, and deploying the necessary building blocks that eventually deliver the data used by business users, analysts, and business partners. The significant learning curve and the complexities to absorb new sources of information impede time to market and make it harder for companies to innovate.

  • How can companies reduce the API learning curve and simplify their technology stack?
  • How can companies quickly deploy a solid data architecture that provides simple yet secure data access for all consumers?
  • How can organizations quickly and safely adapt to the ever-changing landscape of data services?
  • How can companies provide the necessary building blocks for innovation through insightful information?



Enzo Unified offers a significantly simpler model for presenting cloud data and services in a way that optimizes efficiency and reduces the API learning curve.

  • Reduce the learning curve associated with complex APIs

  • Onboard new cloud vendors quickly

  • Turn new employees and consultants into highly effective resources

  • Reduce projects complexities and implementation timelines

  • Build a solid data architecture that abstracts cloud data sources and standardizes security