You can try Enzo Unified for 30 days at no charge. Simply download the installer and follow the installation instructions.

This section contains various downloads including Enzo Unified. You can use Enzo Unified free for 30 days after installation and try any adapter provided through the installer. Some adapters require a subscription to third party vendors and specific configuration settings.

Enzo Unified v1.6

Enzo Unified - Full Installation (AMD Processor)  -  download

Enzo Unified - Full Installation (Itanium Processor)  -  download

Enzo Unified 1.6 Installation Instructions  -  download

SDK (1.7 Preview)

Enzo Unified SDK Installer  -  download

Enzo Unified SDK Help File  -  download

Enzo Unified Installation Instructions  -  download

Adapter Documentation

Azure IoT Hub Adapter Configuration  -  download

SalesForce Adapter Configuration  -  download

Fact Sheets

Enzo Unified for Developers  -  download

Enzo Unified for SQL Server  -  download

Additional Links

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