Simplify SQL Server Management and Monitoring

Database Administrators know that managing multiple SQL Servers and their databases can be challenging. Even in environments where a single SQL Server instance exists, companies can have dozens or even hundreds of databases, which makes querying and monitoring the environment difficult.Enzo SQL Manager gives DBAs the ability to query and act on a SQL Server farm in real-time and helps organizations react more quickly by providing real-time querying capabilities throughout all your SQL Servers (including their databases when needed), delivering built-in views that hide complex joins of SQL Server DMVs for simpler monitoring, and offering the ability to send SMS and phone alerts when important events take place (including sending alert from DDL triggers, stored procedures and Jobs).

Enzo SQL Manager helps DBAs access information from multiple servers and databases quickly by accessing built-in views instead of typing complex SQL commands, and by reducing the time it takes to troubleshoot support issues. For example, you can:

  * Return the SQL Server instances that have high CPU utilization or low Page Life Expectancy

  * Search for an event across all the SQL Server error log in the farm

  * Search for database objects across all your databases in your SQL Server farm using a single statement

  * Send an SMS from a DDL trigger when the ‘sa’ account is logging in

  * Monitor for disk space across all your database servers and send a Phone call to the manager on call on low disk space

  * And much, much more!

Enzo SQL Manager allows you to leverage the power of SQL to query and act on any number of SQL Servers and databases directly.

  • Reduce the time needed to query a farm of SQL Servers

  • Act on multiple databases at once

  • Send alerts from DDL triggers or when important data changes are detected

  • Create Jobs that query your database farm through Enzo SQL Manager