Enzo Solves the Real-Time Data Integration Challenges, Increasing Business Agility and Reducing Operational Complexities

As companies compete for customers and introduce new products with the help of business partners and solution providers, the business needs more real-time information exchange so that it can compete more effectively, react more quickly to customer sentiment, and deliver quality business services.

The IT department’s responsibility to deliver real-time integration solutions under tight timelines has never been greater. However, servicing data in real-time introduces complex technical challenges that most organizations cannot easily deliver:


  • How can IT organizations deliver real-time data integration projects fasterand with higher quality?
  • How can IT organizations reduce data integration costs and operational complexity?
  • How can organizations reduce the learning curve associated with a vast ecosystem of business partners and SaaS platforms?
  • And how can organizations empower their users, analysts, and decision makers to access meaningful data from systems and business



Enzo Unified enables real-time data integration and exposes virtual views that unify hybrid data sources accessible by databases, mobile devices and business users.

  • Reduce data integration complexity and ETL plumbing

  • Increase the efficiency of IT organizations

  • Eliminate complex APIs and empower employees to build innovative solutions

  • Build enterprise views to deliver meaningful and real-time data sources