Enzo Unified Enables Enterprise Backend as a Service and Simplifies Mobile Data Access

Mobile computing is evolving at a rapid pace, offering convenience for consumers, new business models for companies and better tools to the mobile sales force. As such, companies strive to implement modern mobile applications that rely on a mix of enterprise data (such as customer data), real-time information (like weather data) and SaaS services (such as sending SMS messages).

In addition to data access challenges, companies also need to build custom backend services (BaaS) including scheduled jobs, data caching (for performance reasons) and access to private storage (like internal databases). This creates further challenges for most organizations that need skilled resources to build such complex systems.

  • How can companies build enterprise mobile applications much faster?
  • How can organization simplify their data ecosystem for mobile computing without building custom services?
  • How can a mobile application rely on a single authentication mechanism to make it easier to access internal, legacy and cloud data?
  • How can an organization accelerate enterprise mobile projects?
  • And how can a company build its own private BaaS for higher performance, stronger security, and simplified development?



With Enzo Unified organizations can focus on building more innovative mobile solutions, reduce IT complexity, and reduce implementation timelines.

  • Simplify mobile development and reduce IT complexity with an Enterprise BaaS.

  • Improve security by centralizing authentication and auditing.

  • Enhance performance by implementing centralized caching.

  • Eliminate complex APIs to build applications faster.