Get Connected to:



Search the web easily using Bing as your search engine using SQL statements or REST calls

Fetch simple US demographics as provided by the US government


Search and find US business addresses provided by the Dun & Bradstreet database

Google Maps

Return information such as lat/long of an address as provided by Google


Communicate to multiple databases and other datasources in parallel, transparently

US Census

Fetch US Census data as provided by the US government

Azure Storage

Access Azure Tables, Azure Blobs, and Azure Queues easily from SQL Server or Mobile Devices


Enable direct access to Couchbase from SQL Server to share data across servers without using replication

EID Verifier

Quickly verify customer information and obtain a credit score with Equifax


Communicate with Facebook to read posts and access friends information


Access real-time worldwide flight information, including weather data at airports


Access GeoCoding features from SQL Server, including lat/long and zip code resolution


Begin your IoT journey by easily connecting to and controlling Insteon devices


Access accounting data easily and enhance business dashboards quickly


Search for tweets or post new tweets using SQL or REST without learning the Twitter API

LMS Dialog Edu

Integrate the DialogEDU LMS solution with Student Information Systems, such as CampusView


Determine in real-time where Internet requests are coming from to improve fraud detection


Access MSMQ directly from SQL Server for simpler and more robust enterprise integration patterns


Access your SalesForce data seamlessly and integrate with internal systems and mobile apps quickly


Read, update and write against SharePoint lists, onsite or online, without any coding


Get notifications from Kenexa and access information directly to integrate with other enterprise systems


Easily send SMS and make phone calls using REST or SQL commands without learning the Twilio API


Control devices through the Velleman DMX interface seamlessly through REST or SQL

Weather Underground

Access US and international weather data in real-time using SQL commands

You can also build your own Adapters using our SDK. Please contact us for a complete list of adapters.