Query SharePoint Online from SQL Server

Access SharePoint data in real-time, and build replication from SharePoint to SQL Server.

The SharePoint adapter gives you the ability to query and update SharePoint List data through simple SQL commands. In addition, Enzo Unified allows you to replicate SharePoint List data to a SQL Server table with automatic data updates.

See the video for a simple demonstration.

Enzo Unified's SharePoint adapter allows you to query your SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online systems from SQL Server directly, or by sending simple HTTPS REST commands. Either way, Enzo Unified allows you to query SharePoint without learning the complex SharePoint APIs, and without coding in more advanced languages like PowerShell or .NET. With the SharePoint adapter, you can:

  • Query SharePoint Lists and perform SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE operations
  • Perform direct integration between SQL Server and SharePoint
  • Query Users, Groups and Memberships of SharePoint Online
  • Replicate SharePoint lists to SQL Server with automated updates
  • Query and manage your SharePoint folders and documents