Use SQL Server to run business processes, access hosted data, and build a Data Lake

Let's make SQL Server greater than it already is.  Using SQL Server at the center of integration projects makes sense: you can use SQL as the language to glue your organization together. Enzo becomes the portal to all your data accessible directly from SQL Server; and since SQL is simple to use and is widely understood, your team can quickly solve business problems.

With Enzo, SQL Server can become the center of various integration projects:

  • Data Integration: access heterogeneous data sets across a variety of data sources, such as hosted vendors and flat files
  • Data Lake: store data temporarily to provide a local cache of remote data, or replicate cloud data to SQL Server to build a Data Lake
  • Real-Time BI: build more timely BI dashboards and reports
  • Data Sharding: view multiple sets of data as a single output in order to simplify data aggregation
  • Business Orchestration: implement more complex business logic in order to drive business processes



With Enzo, SQL Server can drive business processes, become a Data Lake, consume real-time internet data, and access/change hosted data.

  • Reduce learning curve of APIs for team members across the organization

  • Access a copy of hosted data sources locally for greater performance

  • Make faster business decisions based on recent events

  • Aggregate data from multiple sources easily to search information more easily

  • Reduce complex ETL jobs and staging tables

  • Improve the quality of integration projects by reusing pre-tested software components