Agentless & Scriptless Windows Server Management Service

Query your Windows Servers using SQL

The WMI adapter allows you to simplify Windows Server Management by removing the need to use PowerShell scripts and learn the WMI API. Simply run SQL commands that will query your Windows servers in real-time, and optionally save cached results.

See the video for more information.

Using Enzo Unified's WMI adapter, you can begin to query your Windows infrastructure without building complex PowerShell scripts, or know much (if anything) of the WMI API. Enzo Unified allows you to quickly access your Windows server farms quickly and easily without the need to deploy an agent, and without scripting. Enzo Unified allows you to query your infrastructure using simple SQL commands. And because Enzo Unified is also a REST Server, you can access the same information through HTTP commands. 

Here are a few benefits of using the WMI Adapter:

  • Eliminate Complex Scripting (PowerShell)
  • Little Knowledge of WMI Needed
  • Real-Time and Cached WMI Queries
  • Store WMI Results in SQL Server Tables for Reporting
  • Perform Remote Actions through SQL (Start Service…)