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GoogleSearch Adapter

Access the Google Search API for web page, image and video searches. This API works with Google Custom Search.

This adapter requires you to register an application with the Google Search Engine and configure a Search Engine.

OAuth Configuration

This adapter requires OAuth to be configured.

show steps 
  • Obtain an API Key and CustomSearchEngineId from Google and save in a Config Setting in Enzo
    This adapter requires the use of a Customer Search Engine from Google. You can find the CSE at this URL:
  • Create a Enzo Config Setting using the CSE information
    Once you have created the CSE, find the API Key and the SearchEngineID; save them in Enzo Manager as a new configuration setting.

Configuration Settings

Name Description Default
Boolean _isDefault Make this the default configuration. Defaults to true if configName is already the default.
String APIKey The API Key is used for authentication of google search api
String CustomSearchEngineId The custom search engine id is used to search data from particular domain


Performs a Google Search (returns 10 results by default) details 


Name Description Default
text R

SQL Call

exec GoogleSearch.ListSearch 'nasdaq'
select * from WHERE text='nasdaq'

Http Call


Output Columns

String title
String link
String snippet