We saw immediate benefits and a strong ROI by cutting implementation time

and costs as well as improving the dashboards and reporting needs of management and senior leadership.

This in turn has directly resulted in helping the company make timely and accurate business decisions.

Bruce R. Whitely
Chief Information Officer
JJ Taylor Companies, Inc.


Enzo Unified is a data virtualization server allowing organizations to simplify data management. Enzo helps organizations centralize complex data access logic and improve productivity for multiple data centric projects, such as data integration, data lake, real-time BI, data sharding, IoT and business orchestration scenarios.


DATA INTEGRATION: Eliminate the learning curve of APIs

  • Query data stored in flat-files located on an FTP site using SQL, from SQL Server or Excel
  • Create a job that copies data from a SalesForce table to a SharePoint list
  • Use SQL Server to change data in SalesForce tables directly
  • Monitor Twitter for specific keywords and send a summary email daily
  • And much more...

DATA LAKE: Keep a copy of hosted data sources locally for high performance

  • Create a replica of hosted data locally that can be accessed by applications, databases and users
  • Create a replica of Government data to be refreshed on a specific schedule, or manually
  • Import data from multiple hosted providers into a single database for simpler enterprise reporting
  • Enzo can also cache the data, allowing to you access information instantly

REAL-TIME BI: Make faster, better decisions based on recent events

  • Build real-time dashboards merging data from multiple data sources
  • Create real-time enterprise views inside SQL Server leveraging data from multiple sources
  • Access Enzo directly from database environments for better BI integration and low-level data movement
  • Enzo can also cache the data, allowing to you access information instantly

DATA SHARDING: Homogeneous and heterogeneous data aggregation on steroids

  • Create real-time enterprise views of aggregated data so the information seems to be coming from a single source
  • Aggregate information from heterogeneous data sources and access information with SQL or REST
  • Build a local data mart of heterogeneous data sources, refreshed periodically, for offline data access
  • Access multiple data sources in parallel without any custom client side code

BUSINESS ORCHESTRATION: Implement business logic to drive business process improvements

  • Near-time monitoring of SalesForce changes using a job in SQL Server
  • Send SMS alerts or make phone calls to administrators
  • Send automated tweets when desired, or monitor Twitter for keywords
  • Forward sales information into a no-sql Couchbase database for historical analysis

IoT: Simulate IoT devices for testing purposes

  • Register and manage IoT devices in the cloud easily through Enzo
  • Simulate IoT devices to send test messages into your IoT Hub
  • Use SQL or Excel to run IoT Simulations
  • Control IoT devices using SQL or REST through Enzo

This white paper explains how companies can compress development and data integration project timelines, improve data quality, and increase operational efficiency by solving some of the most complex real-time data consumption challenges with the Enzo Unified platform


Enterprise Views

Build views from multiple hybrid systems, and make them available to mobile devices, databases and analysts.


Access any data in real-time to help you make better business decisions and streamline your operations.

Edge Caching

Build an edge cache to make your data faster to access, and reduce the load on your underlying systems.

Mobile and SQL

Transform you data strategy by making information available securely to mobile devices and databases transparently.


Access data sources from the cloud or within the enterprise easily by centralizing access control and auditing data access.


Write your own adapters using the .NET framework easily, and expose them as data sources through REST and SQL.