Edge Computing Platform

Centralize SDKs and APIs

Implement edge caching of SaaS systems

Simplify cross platform development

Enable native SQL access to any API


Open your productivity floodgates

Eliminate SDK management nightmares and centralize complex API processing within Enzo Unified to drastically simplify development and library maintenance from .NET, Python, Java on any operating system. Leverage Enzo's unique platform to also implement edge data caching and native SQL access from SQL Server databases.


Move SDKs and implement caching at the edge

Enzo Unified is an edge server that allows you to cache data at the edge and centralizes complex SDK/API processing so that any application/device, on any O/S and development stack, can leverage the same logic through REST and native SQL Server requests.

  • Implement complex processing once, for all applications on any O/S
  • Enforce cross-concerns on all platforms, applications, and devices
  • Expose all processing through REST and native SQL commands
  • Implement edge caching for remote data sources

Reduce IoT and mobile development costs

Because cross-concerns and complex SDKs implementations are centralized with Enzo Unified, complex code development is performed server-side. This allows any client, such as IoT devices, tablets and websites to communicate with Enzo Unified through simple authenticated REST requests, regardless of the language used or the Operating System used on the device. In addition, Enzo Unified implements important cross-concerns, such as logging, caching, async calls and scheduling.

  • Leverage many out-of-the-box adapters
  • Eliminate heavy SDKs from Mobile Apps and IoT devices
  • Automatically add async programming and caching
  • Expose SDKs and APIs to any language or platform

Connect to anything using native SQL commands

Enzo Unified also implements the SQL Server protocol to enable simple data extraction from complex data sources. Databases can now directly query external systems, such as SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Flat Files on an FTP site, and much more.

  • Extend SQL Server easily and reach out to any external or internal system
  • Use native SQL commands to query no-sql systems
  • Allow SQL Server to participate in enterprise an cloud bus technologies
  • Query CSV files easily from SQL Server directly without creating staging tables

This white paper explains how companies can compress development and data integration project timelines, improve data quality, and increase operational efficiency by solving some of the most complex real-time data consumption challenges with the Enzo Unified platform


Enterprise Views

Build views from multiple hybrid systems, and make them available to mobile devices, databases and analysts.


Access any data in real-time to help you make better business decisions and streamline your operations.

Edge Caching

Build an edge cache to make your data faster to access, and reduce the load on your underlying systems.

Mobile and SQL

Transform you data strategy by making information available securely to mobile devices and databases transparently.


Access data sources from the cloud or within the enterprise easily by centralizing access control and auditing data access.


Write your own adapters using the .NET framework easily, and expose them as data sources through REST and SQL.