Enzo Unified Launches New Offering on the Azure Marketplace

Preconfigured Environment Means Data Professionals are Now Just a Few Clicks Away from Integrating any Data Source, Including Cloud, On-Prem or Hybrid Data.

Boca Raton, FL (April 11, 2022) - Data management professionals using the Microsoft Azure cloud have a new, powerful data management and integration tool available in the Azure Marketplace with the introduction of an Enzo Server offer. The free trial offer provides 30 days of free access to Enzo’s flexible and unique data Integration-as-Code platform, and can be enabled within minutes using nothing more than a few SQL commands.

“When developers tap into Enzo’s free trial, they are literally minutes away from deploying live data integration solutions in their Azure Virtual Machine,” said Herve Roggero, Chief Business Kahuna for Enzo Unified. “Using our Azure Marketplace offer lets you bypass the typical barriers of in-house deployments and gives you a fully functional Enzo experience in minutes. Since we’ve preconfigured Enzo Server in the Virtual Machine environment, you can run preconfigured samples and experience the power of building custom integrations using the simplicity of the SQL language.”

Pre-Loaded Data Adapters Kick Start Your Integration

To facilitate quick connectivity, Enzo Unified has pre-loaded data integration adapters for the most common data sources, including:

These data adapters can accommodate a significant majority of data integration needs. However, Enzo Unified offers more than 80 data adapters, all of which can be quickly imported and configured by any developer on the same Azure Virtual Machine.

By combining the power of Enzo Unified and Azure Virtual Machines, data developers get an out-of-the-box environment to unify different data sources quickly and build advanced process automation flows using simple SQL programming constructs.

Empowering Modern Data Management in a Talent-Strapped Business Environment

Enzo Unified’s innovative approach and ability to use SQL commands to integrate disparate systems can help any data team do more with less. For example, rather than spending weeks or perhaps months building a custom ETL integration, Enzo lets your data team tap the ease of SQL commands to quickly iterate and deploy solutions without significant coding. Developers can even build their own solutions on top of Enzo in short order using SQL, eliminating the learning curve of complex APIs and standardizing the authentication and authorization across various APIs.

Ultimately, Enzo Unified increases efficiency and reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for all your data solutions.

“We’re in an unprecedented time where finding skilled development talent – really any data management talent – is very difficult and expensive. Enzo is a tremendous asset for many businesses since anyone who knows SQL can read, report and manage data using Enzo,” said Roggero. “As the talent crunch continues to escalate, now’s the time to migrate to a modern data management approach and start realizing the benefits of an Integration-as-Code platform immediately.”

About Enzo Unified

Enzo Unified is a data connectivity platform created by Blue Syntax that allows businesses to integrate any data source effortlessly using SQL or REST commands. Enzo Unified provides one version of the truth and real-time access to data – whether it resides on premises, in the cloud or within a data warehouse. The technology uses SQL to make installation fast and enable quick usage scaling across tech teams. By using Enzo, businesses can greatly reduce their reliance on expensive ODBC solutions, while extending and enhancing reporting access for any stakeholders with a SQL skillset.

A free 30-day trial offer is available for Enzo Server in the Azure Virtual Machine Marketplace. After 30 days, a Standard or Enterprise Edition of Enzo Server is required to use the platform, receive tech support and unlock additional features. For more information, please visit or call 561-921-8669.

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