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No-code, hybrid data integration pipeline enabling cross-site replication, data ingestion, data acquisition and cloud analytics.

Data Pipeline
AI Integration
Data Lake Generation
Data Enrichment
Messaging Bridge
Replay & Multicast
Cloud Analytics Enablement
Synthetic CDC

And many, many more...

It's Your Data. Sync it.

DataZen supports thousands of systems

HTTP Systems
Because DataZen standardizes HTTP/S access across any REST, Postman Collections, Open APIs, and Swagger, you can extract and push data to virtually any system with OAuth 2.0 support and automated paging, high watermark tracking, and refresh tokens.

Relational, No-SQL, Messaging & Other Systems
And DataZen seemlessly supports relational and no-sql databases, in addition to messaging endpoints, flat files, and Parquet files.

Data Management Pane

Expose your data pipelines so you can manage them

DataZen provides offers key data management controls for crystal clear visibility, accountability, and transparency enabling an array of capabilities, including data quality management, governance, and strong security.

Data Engineering Pane

Data engineering is hard; except when it's simple

DataZen offers a number of highly advanced data engineering pre-built functions, so you don't have to create them. These functions operate as part of the data pipeline engine and slash data integration projects in half or more. In addition, the data pipeline is extensible and allows your data engineering teams to customize the final integration solution at will.

Data Pipeline Architecture

DataZen offers a simple point-and-click, code-free, data ingestion platform that hides the complexities of managing data movement across hybrid systems. The Data Pipeline architecture provided by DataZen allows you to ingest and publish data from and to virtually any system in minutes.


Deploy DataZen in Azure in your VMs, or use our cloud-hosted agents to instantly simplify and augment your Azure analytics and machine learning projects by leveraging our built-in data engineering functions.

Easily replicate your data sources into the cloud to load your data lake store. With support for Azure ADLS 2.0, AWS S3, and Google Cloud along with native Parquet, XML, JSON and CSV file formats, you can quickly build or augment your cloud analytics platforms on any cloud provider.

Pipeline Execution History

Historical tracking of all your data pipeline executions, with performance metrics and detailed logs gives you the necessary tools to know what happened and when it happened. This is one of the data management panes that DataZen provides giving you the transparency needed to manage your data pipeline ecosystem.

Key Features

Full Data Copy

Easily copy data from any source into any target system using point-and-click configuration. Data is automatically transformed into the format that makes sense for the target system.

Full Data Copy

Capture Changes

Built-in fully automatic change detection from any source system, including REST APIs and flat files. Forward the resulting change logs to one or more target systems.

Capture Changes

Replay Changes

Replay changes captured from any source system on any target system at any time. Exchange captured logs with business partners for easy B2B integration.

Replay Changes

Enrichment Pipeline

The in-line data enrichment pipeline allows you to apply secondary filters, mask data as needed, add dynamic columns, and ensure data quality.

Enrichment Pipeline

Messaging Bridge

Bridge messages directly or with custom payload formatting between RabbitMQ, Kafka, Azure Event Hub, Azure Message Bus, AWS SQS, MSMQ, and Google PubSub with ease.

Message Exchange


Call any REST API and authenticate with OAuth 2.0, Bearer Token, Basic Auth, and more. Built-in paging, high watermark tracking, and JSON/XML flattening simplify HTTP data ingestion to any target system.




Step-by-step DataZen Manager and DataZen Agents installation guide.

Download PDF

User Guide

Architecture overview, job configuration settings, options, and monitoring.

Online User Guide


View the online documentation for our HTTP API allowing you to manage replication jobs.

View Documentation

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