Enzo Server
  Quick Start
  Core Features
    Async Calls
    Edge Cache
    HTTP Access
  Advanced Capabilities
    Change Data Capture
    Configuration Settings
    Logins & ACL
    Current Executions
    Linked Server

  User Guides
     Sharding Overview


    All Adapters
    Azure Bus
    Azure IoT Hub
    Azure Key Vault
    Azure Storage
    Bing Search
    DB (RDBMS)
    Flight Aware
    HttpEndpoint (REST)
    Messaging (SMS/SMTP)
    OneDrive365 (Business)
    SQL Server
    Xls (Excel)

    Create A Simple Adapter
    Handler Columns

    Advanced SDK Concepts
      Handler Decorators
      Dynamic Columns
      Table & Table Enumerators
      Virtual Tables



Enzo Server is a native SQL and HTTP server that allows you to connect to a large number of systems without requiring the deployment of ODBC drivers. Since Enzo is a server platform you can configure it centrally and leverage capabilities that ODBC drivers cannot offer natively.

Enzo Server

The documentation for Enzo Server is divided in the following sections:

In addition, Enzo Server offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows organizations to build additional adapters easily using Visual Studio C#.NET. See the SDK section for more information and a sample adapter.