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What if your next data integration only took a few minutes to set up? Enzo Unified gives you powerful capabilities to securely and affordably manage all your data systems, whether in the cloud, on premise, or hybrid.

About Enzo Unified

Enzo Unified is a set of low-code and no-code data integration tools created by Blue Syntax Consulting. Enzo Unified products are designed to remove impediments of data integration and data management processes by ensuring a reliable, consistent implementation method regardless of source or destination systems. The unique, patented data management systems include a powerful data virtualization and integration platform and a robust hybrid data aggregation pipeline.

Enzo products are easy to learn and use, featuring point-and-click functionality or low-code development languages, such as SQL or HTTP. This helps technology teams leverage talent and better plan for staffing needs, while eliminating many barriers to integrating new data sources or software. By using Enzo, businesses can greatly reduce their reliance on expensive ETL solutions, while extending and enhancing data access to any stakeholder with rudimentary SQL skillset.

The Enzo Unified Story

Caption: Herve Roggero (left) and Jim Mullis, founders of Enzo Unified, setting up for a technology event exhibit circa 2017.
When the two innovators behind Enzo Unified first met, they worked together for less than a year building ERP systems and software. But it was long enough for Herve Roggero and Jim Mullis to recognize they both shared a strong point of view on the future of data and a dislike for wasting time with repetitive tasks.

As they witnessed more data moving to cloud, the founders wanted a way to make data access easier, even transparent, no matter where is was stored.

They originally formed Enzo’s parent company, Blue Syntax, to handle consulting work. Out of necessity, they designed two fundamental sets of functionalities: an easy way to connect and "translate" data from any source, and the ability to quickly build automation around that data using the SQL language. Early prototypes were designed as custom projects for clients, and are still deployed today.

Introducing New Software on the World Stage

One of the first releases for what would become Enzo Server was used for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, an Olympics-style competition that took place in Australia, hosting more than 4,400 athletes from participating countries around the world.

After a few more early deployments, including an implementation at one of the largest beer distribution companies in the US, Enzo Server, a powerful low-code data integration platform, officially entered the market with a free trial edition in 2018. Today, Enzo Server has become the go-to integration tool for many industries requiring secure, real-time data management capabilities, including Distribution, Human Resources, Accounting and Marketing/Sales.

Simplifying Tech Processes with Low-Code and No-Code Options

One of the unique aspects of Enzo Unified is that it provides powerful functionality using the most basic languages: SQL and HTTP. In fact, Enzo’s DataZen hybrid data aggregator is even more streamlined with point-and-click functionality.

The ultimate goal is about simplifying actions so integration teams aren’t constantly recreating the wheel. "For Enzo Server, we thought, 'What is the language of data?' It’s not C#. It’s not Java. It’s not Python. It’s SQL," said Jim. "Why go through all these complex layers and languages, when you can simply say 'I want to select this data set,' and then go get it?"

Using SQL not only opens up access to a much broader set of stakeholders and users, but it also allows teams to deploy complicated automations and data management functions in a fraction of the time.

Affordable Solutions that Reduce TCO

The innovative design of Enzo also means that it is significantly more affordable than other solutions on the market, allowing organizations of all sizes to leverage Enzo for their integration needs. Compared to other industry-leading integration platforms, Enzo typically reduces the acquisition cost of an integration platform by 80% or more.

Enzo Unified solutions can typically be deployed and start delivering results within a few hours to a few days, depending on the organization and data needs. Combine that with the low-code functionality Enzo offers, and you realize how significantly Enzo products reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your system integration needs.

"For our own purposes, we wanted to build something that removed the constant battle with how the results are achieved and make that trivial," says Herve. "That’s exactly what we’ve done with Enzo Unified. We’ve removed the impediments and provided you with nothing but runway so your ideas can take off."

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