Initial Load and Data Replication from any Source System to SQL Server.


Any Source

Replicate data from virtuall any source system, including Twitter, SharePoint Online lists, flat files, NoSQL data, SaaS platforms or any ODBC data sources.

If you can query it, you can Sync it.

Advanced Options

High performance synchronization keeps target tables in sync with optional initial load, Upsert and Cascading Delete features so your data is always up to date.

Multiple replication patterns are available including Initial Loads, Append Only, Upsert and Cascading Deletes.

Point and Click

Setup and manage your Data Sync replication jobs from Enzo Manager directly and be up an running in minutes.

Event-Driven Automation

Implement event-driven automation using trigger-based logic or SQL Agent to implement business logic using SQL commands.

Learn more about SQL Automation here.

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